13 Funny Skeleton Jokes For Halloween

There are 13 funny skeleton jokes for Halloween.

1- How did the skeleton know it was going to rain? He could feel it in his bones.

2- Why do skeletons argue? They always have a bone to pick.

3- Why did the skeleton skip the prom? It had no body to go with.

4- Why don’t skeletons like the cold? It’s bone-chilling.

5- What did the skeleton bring to the cookout? Spare ribs.

6- Why don’t skeletons skydive? They don’t have the stomach for it.

7- What’s a skeleton’s favorite musical instrument? The trom-bone.

8- What do you call a skeleton that won’t do any work? Lazy bones.

9- How do skeletons start their cars? With skeleton keys.

10- Why did the skeleton put on a sweater? It was chilled to the bone.

11- Why’d the skeleton go the grocery store? Its pantry was down to the bare bones.

12- Why did the skeleton laugh? Something tickled its funny bone.

13- What do skeleton dogs eat? Milk bones.

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