17 Funny Halloween Ghost Jokes For Kids And Adults

There are 17 Funny Halloween  Ghost jokes for kids and adults.

1- What do ghosts drink? Ghoul-aid.

2- Why did the ghost go to a bar? It was looking for boo’s.

3- What kind of shoes do ghosts wear? Boo-ts.

4- Why don’t ghosts lie? Because you can see right through them.

5- What kind of muffins do ghosts prefer? Boo-berry.

6- Why did the ghost cross the road? He wanted to return from the other side.

7- How do ghosts unlock doors? With spoo-keys.

8- Did you hear about the ghost party? It was loud enough to wake the dead.

9- Why don’t ghosts shower? It dampens their spirits.

10- Where do ghosts shop? Boo-tiques.

11- What’s a ghost’s favorite dinner? Spook-etti.

12- Why did the ghost ride the elevator? To lift its spirit.

13- How do ghosts apply for jobs? They fill out apparitions.

14- Why don’t ghosts do standup comedy? They always get booed.

15- What do ghosts use to style their hair? Scare-spray.

16- How do ghosts predict the future? They check their horror-scope.

17- What do ghosts wear if they can’t see? Spooktacles.

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