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A Man’s Wife Is Missing…

Man: Officer, my wife is missing. She went out yesterday and she hasn’t come home.

Officer: Okay, what’s her height?

Man: Not sure…. Maybe around 5’6?

Officer: Okay, weight?

Man: I dunno… not slim, not big.

Officer: Okay… color of her eyes?

Man: Sort of blue, I think? I never really noticed.

Officer: What’s the color of her hair?

Man: Well, that changes all the time depending on the hairdresser she goes to.

Officer: what clothes was she wearing the last time you saw her?

Man: Could’ve been a red dress? Maybe a blue one? I don’t know exactly.

Officer: when she left to go somewhere, did she go by car?

Man: Yeah, she did.

Officer: What was the make of that car?

Man: It’s a high-performance 560 horsepower 2014 Audi RS7 in a very specific grey silver metallic paint. It has an 8-speed paddle shift automatic transition and a 6.35-liter v12 engine generating at least 560 horsepower at the crank, 535 horsepower at the wheels. It has a z51 super performance package, larger than normal alloy wheels, gt bucket seats, and satellite navigation. And unfortunately… a little thin scratch on the front left door handle.

Officer: Don’t worry, sir. We’ll find your car.