Moral Story ‣ Eat My Fur!

Eat my fur 1 - Moral Story ‣ Eat My Fur!

In a village, there lived a Wise Man. Despite being well-versed in all Scriptures and knowing everything he was very poor and didn’t have a house.

Even getting meals for a day was very difficult for him and his clothes were worn out.

Wise Man by going from house to houseused to beg for his meals. “Please give me Alms.”

On seeing his worn out clothes most of people used to think that he is mad and shut the door. Because of this he hadn’t got anything to eat for days.

However one day he got luxury fur given to him by a rich man. Wearing the new fur he went to be for alms as before.

Today, for the very first home he went, the householder invited him inside with great respect, “Sir please come in and have food in our house.”

Wise Man went inside and sat down to eat. Householder served him with varieties of Soup, Meals, Vedas and Sweet food to eat.

Having prayed first, Wise Man took a sweet in his hand and began to feed it to his new fur saying, “Eat my fur, eat.”

On seeing this the householder was surprised and was not able to understand the activity of Wise man. So he asked, “Wise Man, fur don’t eat. right? Then why are you offering food tot he fur?”

Wise Man answered, “Indeed because of this new fur you offered me food today. Yesterday itself you asked me to go away when I asked for food.

Since I got this food due to the fur, I am grateful to them and that’s why I am feeding them.”

Listening to the wise man, the householder was a little ashamed.

Moral Of The Story:

Never Judge Anyone by Their Outlook.