Funny Joke ‣ A dark Bedroom

Harvey is standing in a bar in Darwin drinking, when his mate walks in.

They get to talking and at 10:00 he says, “It’s been great, but I better get home. The wife doesn’t like me to stay out late drinking.”

Riley’s immediate response is, “You aren’t doing it right. Do what I do. Go home and enter the bedroom quietly.

Pull back the covers and slip into bed. Very gently caress your wife and kiss her over and over. Make love passionately for fifteen minutes. And take my word for it that there will be no complaints in the morning.”

Harvey decides to try that and continues drinking for another couple of hours before heading home to give this approach a try.

When he gets home, the house is pitch black. He slips quietly into the bedroom, pulls back the covers and takes Riley’s advice.

There are no complaints, just some contented sighs. Finally he gets up and goes to the bathroom to wash up.

As he walks in, he discovers his wife there. Amazed he cries out, “What are you doing in here?!”

“Quiet!” she exclaims. “You’ll wake my mother.”