Funny Joke ‣ But We Don’t Have Swimsuits

A minister and a priest went for a walk up the riverside. Suddenly the priest said: “Let’s go in and do some ‘baptism’, the water looks really clear!”

“But we don’t have swimsuits” the minister told him.

“So what?” replied the priest, “Let’s go into the water as God created us.”

The minister thought for a moment and then agreed with him. They took off their clothes, laid them on a piece of grass at the edge of the river and went in for a short dip.

After a few minutes they left the pool and walked back towards the place where they had put the clothes.

Suddenly the two noticed a small group of people staring right at them.

Embarrassed, the priest tried to cover his shame with his hands. He looked to the side and discovered that the minister was covering his face with his hands. “What are you doing!?” hissed the priest, “cover your privates!”

“I don’t know how it goes in YOUR congregation.” Said the minister, “but my people recognise me by my face!”