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The crumbling old village church sorely needed a renovation.

One Sunday morning during his sermon, the vicar made an impassioned appeal for funds and looked directly at the richest man in the village.

Standing at the church’s doors after the sermon, shaking hands with the vicar, the rich man announced, “I will contribute £1,000 to the church renovations.”

Just then, plaster fell from the church wall and struck the rich man on the shoulder.

Shocked, he looked up and then said, “Vicar, I will increase my donation to £5,000.”

Before the vicar could say anything, another chunk of plaster fell on the rich man and now he screamed, “Vicar, I will double my last pledge!”

He wiped his brow, took a deep breath when an even larger chunk of  plaster fell on his head.

He looked up once more and hollered, “Vicar, I will give £20,000!”

This prompted the vicar to shout, “Hit him again, Lord! Hit him again!”