Funny Joke ‣ Little Sally-Jane

The new priest in the village, young Father Feever, is coming to visit the Side-bottom household. So Little Sally’s mother gives her daughter some instructions.

“If the new priest asks you your name,” says Mrs. Side-bottom, “Say ‘Sally-Jane’. And if he asks you how old you are, say you are seven years old. And if he asks who MADE you, say: ‘God made me!’ Can you remember all that?”

“I think so,” says Sally.

A few minutes later, young Father Feever arrives, puts down his hat and his bible, and walks up to little Sally. He pats her on the head and says,

“I am Father Feever, your new priest. And what is your name, little girl?”

“Sally-Jane,” replies Sally.

“And how old are you, Sally-Jane?” asks the priest.

“Seven years old,” replies Sally.

“Well, that IS nice,” says Feever. “And do you know who made you, Sally-Jane?”

Little Sally hesitates for a moment, and then says,

“Shit! Mom did tell me, but I have forgotten the guy’s name!”