Funny Joke ‣ Mother Of Six

A couple has six children.

The husband, jokingly, begins to call his wife “mother of six” rather than by her first name. The wife, amused at first, takes it in her stride.

A few years down the road, the wife has grown tired of this.

“Mother of six,” he would say, “what’s for dinner tonight?

Get me a beer!” She gets very frustrated.

Finally, while attending a party with her husband, he jokingly yells out, “Mother of six, I think it’s time to go!”

The wife immediately shouts back, “I’ll be right with you, father of three!”

Another Joke: I’m Glad

A Sunday school teacher was telling her pupils the importance of making others glad. “Now, children,” said she , “has anyone of you ever make someone else glad?”

“Please, teacher,”said a small boy,”I’ve make someone glad yesterday.”

“Well done. Who was that?”

“My granny.”

“Good boy. Now tell us how you made your grandmother glad.”

“Please, teacher, I went to see her yesterday, and stayed with her three hours. Then I said to her, ‘Granny, I’m going home,’ and she said, ‘Well, I’m glad’!”