Funny Joke ‣ The Waiting Room

A man walks into a doctor’s practice and sees that the waiting room is packed.

“Great,” he says and leaves.

The next day he comes again, the waiting room is full and he says, “Fantastic!” and leaves.

This is repeated for a few days in a row. The doctor finds out about it and wonders what’s up. He asks his receptionist to follow the man next time he comes and leaves.

It happens again the following day and when the receptionist returns, the doctors wants a report but she hums and haws.

He asks her, “So did you follow him?”


“And where did he go?”

“He drove to a skyscraper.”

“Yes, and then?”

“Then he went into the elevator.”

“And then?”

“Then he went to the 12th floor.”

“And then?”

“He rang at a door.”

“And then?”

“Then a woman opened the door.”

“Yes, and then?”

“Then he told her, ‘Darling, we can do it again, your husband is still busy!’”