Moral Story ‣ Greedy Boy

Once in a town lived identical twins names Sam and Tom. Physically it was really hard to differentiate them even for their mother but there were like two poles of magnet when it comes to things other than appearance. They haven’t had a single trait same and never agreed upon anything.

Tom was generous by nature and Sam was greedy Because of their opposite nature. Tom had many friends but Sam had none. Even their eating choices were opposite Tom liked to eat sweets where as Sam liked spicy food.

Their father wanted to share his fortune equally between them as they grew up. However Sam didn’t agreed, He argued that whoever is more intelligent and stronger should get higher share of wealth. Tom agreed.

So, One day their father decided to organize a competition between them. He ordered them to walk as long as they can but should return home before sunset.

Whoever return the home before sunset covering longer distance will get the higher proportion of wealth proportionate to distance covered. They weren’t given watch to calculate time.

Both started to walk during a sunny day. Tom walked slowly where as Sam wanted to win over so he run instantly. The distance they covered till mid-noon was equal to the distance they would have reach home before sunset.

So, Tom decided to return back as he could reach home in time. However, Sam wanted to earn more wealth and didn’t turn his way back to home even after mid-noon.

He walked twice the distance Tom covered and decided to return home before sunset. Unfortunately he couldn’t even make half the way back to home and moon rises.

He lost the race and was defeated because of his greediness.

Moral Of The Story:

Greedıness wıll make you lose everythıng.