Funny Joke ‣ Marriage and Toothpaste

For the past 20 years my wife has been complaining about me not putting the cap back on the toothpaste.

Last anniversary, I decided to change this bad habit and make my wife happy.

For a week, I was diligent, always capping the toothpaste. I was expecting my wife to thank me, but she never did it.

Finally last night, she turned and looked at me and said – “why have you stopped brushing your teeth?”

Marriage is a difficult relationship I tell you.

Another Joke: Married Life

A woman who just got married ran into a friend on the street one day, and the friend asked her how her marriage was going.

“Not good. He eats like a pig, he never takes a bath, and he leaves his dirty clothes all over the house.

He makes me so sick I can barely eat.”

“Well,” says the friend, “why don`t you leave him?”

“I will,” says the first one. “But I want to lose another 12 pounds first.”