Moral Story ‣ Most Beautiful Heart

Once, in a heavily crowded place, a Young man was shouting at crowd, “People look here, I have the most beautiful heart in the world.”

Many people looked towards him and were stunned to see such beautiful heart. It hah perfect shape and not even a little flaw in its appearance. Most people were mesmerized by beauty of his heart.

However there came a Old man from the crowd and challenged the young man, “Son, i have got the most beautiful Heart in the world.”

Then young man asked him to show his heart.

Old man showed his heart to him. “It was very rough, uneven and had scares all over his heart. Also, the heart was not in shape, appeared like bits and pieces joined together in various colour’s. There were some rough edges, some part of the heart were removed and filled with other pieces.”

After looking at the heart of old man young man started laughing and said, “Are you mad? How this heart is beautiful and flawless? My heart have no flaws and yours full of scars, wounds. How can you say that your heart is beautiful.”

Old man replied, “Dear young man, Mine heart is just as beautiful as yours. Scars you see represents the love i shared with person. I share a piece of heart with others when I share love and in return I get a piece of heart, which I fix at the place where I had torn a piece!”

Young man was shocked to hear. The old man continued, “Since the pieces of heart I shared were neither equal nor in the same shape or size, my heart is full of uneven edges and bits and pieces.

My heart is not in shape because sometimes I never get the love in return from those I gave it. So where do you see the real beauty? Your heart which looks fresh and fuller with no scars which indicates you never shared love with anybody. Did you?”

After listening to old man young man stood still and didn’t spoke a word. He walked to the old man, tore a piece of his heart and gave the piece to the old man.

Moral Of The Story:

Many give importance and Respect to Physical Beauty. Yet, Physical Appearance isn’t the Real Beauty!