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A family thought about giving their elderly mom the best care and decided to take her to a nursing home. On their visit to check how she was doing, she left them rolling with laughter.

A family decided to take their frail elderly mother to a nursing home in town with the hope that she would be well cared for since none of her kids had the time to pay close attention to her.

The next morning after she arrived at the nursing home, a nurse helped her take her bath, gave her a tasty breakfast, and left a chair for her at a window where she could reflect over a beautiful garden.

She seemed to enjoy herself for a while, but after some time, she slowly started tilting sideways in her chair. Two observant nurses paid close attention to her and immediately ran to her aid and helped her straighten up.

She seemed to relax again and looked okay. After a while, she started tilting over to her other side. Once again, the nurses observed her and ran to help her sit straight.

The incident continued all through the morning. Later in the day, her children came around to see how she was doing and ask if she enjoyed her new home. They asked, “So Ma, how is it here? Are they treating you all right?” She replied:

“It’s pretty nice, except they won’t let me fart.”