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A man’s son is about to return from prison.

After spending five years in the clink, the man was very curious to know what his son plans to do further in life and what profession he’s going to choose for his future.

He decides to test his son. He sets a bottle of alcohol, a wad of money, a gun and a bible on a table in his living room.

His wife notices him doing this and asks him what he plans to do with these things.

The man explains by saying that this is a test to determine what our son will do in life.

If he picks up the alcohol, he’ll be an alcoholic.

If he picks up the bible, he’ll be a priest.

If he picks up the gun, he’ll be a gangster.

If he picks up the wad of money, he’ll be a businessman.

The man hides behind the curtains in the living room and waits for his son to arrive.

As soon as he walks through the door, he notices the four things on the table.

He walks up to them, takes a swig of the alcohol, pockets the wad of money, puts the gun in his back pocket and picks up the bible and holds it in the other hand.

As soon as the son begin begins to walk away, the father yells “Goddamnit, the boy’s gonna be a politician…”