Quotes ‣ The Snooze Button

What if life had a snooze button? It does. It is labeled procrastination.

A snooze button simply allows you to stay where you are a little while longer instead of getting up and going.

That’s exactly what procrastination is.

There is a funny thing about sleeping after you hit the snooze button on an alarm clock; it seems like that sleep is more precious.

Not only is it more precious, it seems like time speeds up approximately three fold.  Fifteen minutes becomes five minutes, ten minutes seem like three minutes.

Why do we hit the snooze button? Because we can.

Imagine if you hit the lotto and you have to be there by 8 A.M. to pick up your check or it is forfeited; the alarm goes off and you look at the clock and it is 7 A.M.  No matter how sleepy you are, do you think you would even consider hitting the snooze button?

Some people are just not good in math in school, but it seems like those same people become math geniuses when it comes to calculating the absolute latest time they can get up, get ready and make it to work or school, even with a foggy waking brain.

In life the snooze button is not usually in minutes.

We may know we need to go back to school and hit snooze for two years later.

We may know we need to start exercising; we hit snooze for next year.

We may know we want to travel and see some place in the world; we hit snooze for five years later.

We may know we have an idea for a business; we hit snooze for ten years later.

The other thing about the snooze button is that you can hit it more than once to get a longer delay of getting moving.

Have you ever hit the snooze button while still sleep and didn’t remember hitting it?

Have you ever meant to do something in your life and didn’t realize it had been so long since you were supposed to get started on it?

The two hardest things about doing something is getting started and getting finished.


This is your wakeup call.

Get your finger off of that button.