Story ‣ The Master And The Thief

One evening, the master was meditating when the thief entered his house with a sharp knife, demanding “money or life”.

Without any fear, the master said, “Don’t disturb me! Help yourself with the money, it’s in that drawer.” And he resumed his meditation.

The thief was startled by this unexpected reaction, but he proceeded with his business anyway. While he was helping himself with the money, the master stopped and called, “Don’t take all of it. Leave some for me to buy some food tomorrow.”

The thief left some money behind and prepared to leave. Just before he left, the master suddenly shouted at him, “You took my money and you didn’t even say thank you?!”

This time, the thief was really shocked at such fearlessness. He thanked the master and ran away. The thief later told his friends that he had never been so frightened in his life.

A few days later, the thief was caught and confessed his theft at the master’s house. When the master was called as a witness, he said, “No, this man did not steal anything from me. I gave him the money. He even thanked me for it.”

The thief was so touched that he decided to repent. Upon his release, he became a disciple of the master for many years.