Story ‣ The Secret Of Happiness Is Freedom

A leopard was chasing a dog. The dog entered the toilet through a window. The toilet was closed from the outside. The leopard entered behind the dog, and both got stuck in the toilet.

When the dog saw the leopard, he panicked and quietly sat in one corner. He didn’t even dare to bark.

Even though the leopard was hungry and was chasing the dog, he didn’t eat the dog. He could have had his dinner by tearing off the dog in one leap.

But the two animals were together in different corners for almost twelve hours. During these twelve hours, the leopard was also quiet.

The forest department zeroed in on the leopard and captured him using a remote injection gun.

The question is:

Why didn’t the hungry leopard tear off the dog when it was easily possible?

Wildlife researchers responded to this question: According to them,

Wildlife is very sensitive to freedom. As soon as they realize their liberty has been taken away, they can feel deep sorrow, so much so, that they can forget their hunger. Their natural motivation to feed the begins to fade away.

As humans we too need freedom in various ways……freedom of speech, expression, religion & belief, food , think and act.

Freedom and happiness are connected . Freedom to think, act and live in a way that we wish.

If we look at the idea of freedom more broadly, it is connected with happiness!!!

And the secret of happiness is freedom.