Moral Story ‣ The Count And The Sheriff

Once upon a time there was a very evil Count in the Kingdom and he liked to steal things.

Eventually, the Sheriff realized that the Count was the thief and he decided to interrogate him.

In the old days, this amounted to the Count being tied up with his head on a chopping block and the Sheriff bringing a henchman with a giant Hatchet who would threatened to cut off his head:

And the Sheriff said, “Tell me where you put the stolen goods!”

And the count said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

The sheriff gestured to the henchman who raised up the Hatchet.

And the Sheriff said, “This is your last chance, where are the stolen goods?”

And the count said, “I don’t know!”

So the sheriff gestured to the henchman, who swung the hatchet and right before it hit the Count he said, “Wait! I’ll Talk!” but WHACK and his head was chopped off and it rolled away.

And do you know what is the moral of the story?

“Don’t hatchet your counts before they’ve chickened!”