Moral Story ‣ The Stag at The Lake

One very hot day, a tall, strong stag stopped to drink from a clear lake. When he took a drink he could see his image in the water.

“My horns are so beautiful!” he said to himself. “They are so strong and graceful. But i am still sad because my legs are thin and ugly!”

At that moment, a lion came nearer to the lake found the stag standing and tried to jump on it.

The stag ran away very, very fast. The ugly legs helped him run away. But the lion didn’t stop following the stag.

Soon the stag ran into forest. But the forest was very thick with many trees.

His beautiful horns got caught in the branches! He tried to pull away but he couldn’t because of the long horns.

Finally the lion caught up with the stag and killed him.

Moral of the Story: People often forget what is really important in the life.