The Story Of The Lion Tamer Clyde Beatty

Over a century ago, a lion tamer named Clyde Beatty learned an extremely important lesson that impacts almost every area of ​​your life today.

When he was a teenager, he left home to join the circus and took on the role of cage cleaner. In the following years, Clyde does a quick apprenticeship that leads him to become the leading artist of the circus.

On his show he was able to bring lions, tigers, pumas and hyenas all together into the arena by asking them all at the same time.

But his most important feat was that, while most of the lion tamers died in the cage with the wild beasts, he lived to be 60. In fact, it was cancer that took his life, and not a lion.

What is your secret to being able to survive? It was a simple idea: to take a chair with you inside the lions’ cage. In fact, it is not the whip that does the important work, which is more a scenic element of the show, but the chair.

When the tamer places it in front of the lion’s face, in fact, the lion tries to focus on all four legs at the same time. And with divided attention, he becomes confused and unsure of what to do next.

When faced with so many options, the lion decides to freeze and wait, rather than attack the man who has the chair.

Now, We Come To You

How often have you found yourself in the same condition as the lion?

How often have you had a goal to reach and just because of the presence of a lot of options in front of you, have you felt confused and have not made progress?

Whenever the world waves a chair in your face, remember this: all you have to do is “do ONE thing.”

Don’t act like the lion dividing his attention between the four legs of the chair, take the first step and trust that you will understand how to do the second when you need to.

Once you decide what is important to you and work hard to make it happen, the ability to focus and concentrate at your disposal will increase.

It shouldn’t be that way. Make a decision. Even if it were wrong, you will learn more about yourself and your desires.

Article first of:Feeling in a cage: the story of the lion tamer