Three Short Funny Jokes That Will Make You Smile

Joke1: You See The Arrows

Paddy – way off the legal limit – leaves the pub, staggers to his car and heads towards home.

A police officer stops him as he is headed the wrong way on a one-way street.

The police officer asks Paddy, “Didn’t you see the arrows?”

Paddy mumbles, “Arrows? I couldn’t even see the Indians.”

Joke2: A Little Mishap

Little Lilly is playing and running around in the garden.

Suddenly she rushes into the house and shouts to her mom out of breath: “Mom, mom, I knocked over the big ladder that was leaning against the house!”

Her mom says, “Well go get daddy, he’ll help you put it back.”

Lilly hops on the spot, “But I can’t, he’s still hanging onto the gutter!”

Joke3: Errors

Little Johnny sits in English class, looking bored.

The teacher asks him: “Make an opposite of this sentence: ‘Kids in the dark usually make errors.”

Little Johnny looks up and declares, “Errors in the dark usually make children.”