Story ‣ To Become Like Simon Kjaer

His name is Simon Kjaer.

He is an international Danish footballer and Milan player.

He is not a superstar, he does not have golden boots, nor is he one of the most expensive players out there.

But, on Saturday night he went into the history of the sport, as a modern day super hero.

Firstly he saved his teammate, Chris Eriksen, who fell unconscious on the field, giving him first aid in the critical first seconds.

He then asked his teammates to form a shield of protection around his fallen teammate to protect him from the cameras and shocking highlights.

And then to cap it all, he then took the time to go to the stand and give courage to the wife of the unfortunate Eriksen, who was clearly shocked to see her husband and father of her two children, fighting for his life.

Dear parent, starting today, please do not wish or want your children to become the next Messi or Ronaldo.

Please guide them and wish for them to become someone like Simon Kjaer.