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There’s a bloke driving down a country road in his truck, when it coughs and splutters then the engine dies.

He pulls over to the side near a paddock, he climbs out and lifts the bonnet and is staring at the engine when a voice behind him says “It’s the injector pump”.

He spins around to see who was there.

Not a soul to be seen except for two draught horses watching from the paddock.

He thinks he has been hearing things, when one of the horses says “I told you, it’s the injector pump”.

Needless to say he is flabbergasted and says to the horse “How do you know that, and, and how are you speaking to me”.

1979 Model Acco Diesel Injector Pump

Horse says “Don’t worry about that. Just walk into to town, it’s about two kilometers in that direction and see Bob the mechanic at the servo and tell him you need a seal kit for a 1979 model Acco diesel injector pump.”

The bloke is stunned but starts off towards town.

He arrives at the servo and asks for Bob the mechanic.

Bob comes out and says “How can I help you?”.

Bloke says “I’ve broken down just outside of town and I’ve been told that I need a seal kit for a 1979 Acco diesel injector pump.”

Bob says “Who told you that?”

Bloke looks a bit sheepish and eventually told Bob it was a horse in a paddock.

Much to his surprise, Bob said “And just what colour was this horse.”

Bloke said “It was a big grey draught horse.”

Bob said “Well that’s alright then.

Bloke says “What do you mean, that’s alright then ?”.

Bob says “Had you told me it was the brown draught horse, I wouldn’t have believed it because he knows bugger all about diesels.